How to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

How to Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

Many people experience flea problems in and around the home at some point in time. This is bound to happen especially if you have a pet around that can attract fleas. There are things that you can do that will help keep your flea problem under control.

Vacuum Your Floors

First of all, be sure to vacuum your floors. This will help get up any fleas that are in your house helping to reduce their numbers. It’s also good to vacuum off your furnishings as well. You can use flea control powders on the floors then vacuum it up to help kill any that happen to be in your carpets.

Use Flea Control Products on Your Pets

It’s likely that if they are in your house, your pet is going to have flea problems. There are natural solutions you can make or buy, or stick with the generic store brand. Either way, just take care of the problem, so they stop bothering your animals.

Whenever your pet is outside especially in tall grass for longer periods of time, you should consider washing your pet down before letting him or her into your house. This will prevent many fleas from potentially coming inside.

Clean Your Yard

Clean up your yard to make sure that it’s not something that is going to be attracting fleas. Make sure you mow your grass nice and low and that piles of sticks are taken care of. The better you maintain your yard, the easier it’s going to be.

Spread a product called diatomaceous earth on your lawn. This is a very cheap powder you can buy so that you can control various pests like fleas in your yard. If they are dying outside, it’s less likely they will make their way into your home.

Avoid Exposing Your Pests and House

Keeping strays and other animals out of your household minimize’s the risk of flea dispersal. If you have a family member or friend, who requests to bring their pet to your residence, turn down their request or enquire about their flea prevention. You might feel uncomfortable bringing it up, but it’ll save you a lot of headaches and money in the future.

Learn Preventative Measures

One of the things you want to be looking out for especially if you have children is how quickly you can cure your home of the flea infestation.

It has been said that dogs who swallow fleas or even infected bites often result in disease and if ingested possibly even worms. One way you can be sure to find an effective solution to your flea problem is to be sure to visit your vet as soon as you see an infestation occur. By doing this, you are ensuring that your pets are being treated properly for the fleas and your vet can also give you a good idea of how severe and what steps need to be taken by you to ensure the health of your dog.

Children are also vulnerable to flea bites as they can potentially open up spots to possible infection since flea bites often become itchy and if scratched in excess become open sores. If you have children, then you must address the issue as soon as it is noticed.

More precautions can be made by getting rid of tufted doormats and replacing them with a solid vinyl or strong rubber kind. If your entrance doors are within ten feet or so from your yard, be sure to keep the lawn wet with a sprinkler or efficient spray gun to drown the potential hatchlings.


Flea season is usually April through September; nevertheless, areas in warmer climates might be subject to flea bites for a prolonged portion of the year. Besides an itching bother, fleas can bring about dangerous health risks to pets, sometimes resulting in death from anemia. If you adore your pets and want to provide a happy and safe home, remember to do what they cannot do for themselves, and keep your home free from fleas. If you continue to have flea issues, call a pest control company in Vallejo to completely remove all flea issues.


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