Ways to Help Following Hurricane Maria

Its impossible to accurately predict the actual landfall strength of a Hurricane. What we do know for certain, is that this years tropical storms have been up-predicable. 2017 is going down as the most dangerous year for hurricanes on record. It may be because of climate change, but whatever the cause the Caribbean islands are ruined. Dominica, know as ‘Natures Island’, is left with hardly a sign of its usual lush foliage. Its forests, mountains and wildernesses bare, reduced now to a sad burnt sienna like sterile ground.

No one, including atmospheric scientist were able to predict with any certainty the landfall and the ruthless destruction that might result from natures fury. The thing that is unusual in 2017 is the fact that there are two Force 4 and two Force 5 cyclones in just one month. Three major hurricanes hit the same region in under a month.

Global warming has correlated with the enormous strength and fierceness of these tropical depressions. It is unlikely that changes in sea temperature causes more hurricanes, the warmer oceans has amplified the strength and frequency of the storms. The unpleasant fact is that sea temperature is now just under that 0.4 ° C change. The total increase in temperature in the past thirty-five years is approximately 0.32 ° C. That is pretty close to the 0.4 ° C pivot point. 

Facts On Hurricane Disasters

In the case of Dominica, it is completely destroyed. People have been left without shelter and the necessities of life. They now urgently require resources and aid to remove debris and restore its infrastructure, agriculture, forests and homes.

“The island of Dominica is alive with military help and civilian volunteers from all over the Caribbean, and from Canada, England, the USA, France, Germany and many European countries. Chain saws cut trees that block road, burly men and women in dungarees push and shove barrels of rubble and bulldozers plow the roads. People are building back their homes with sticks and shovels while the world sends in tools and supplies. There are agriculturalist planting in the bare land and aborists saving what the can of fallen trees. Even make shift saw mills are considered to reuse the wood for building. The Bare and sorry land has a vibrant spirit of resilience in spite of the devastating loss.” Source: irclay, AidDominica.

Your Skills are Needed

Volunteer Agencies are always seeking very particular talents needed in the rescue efforts. Medical practitioners, nurses and doctors, are very in demand. In the event of a hurricane disaster , there is a need for all forms of skills including engineers, arborists, construction workers and certainly plumbers and workers of all skill set.

Not all organizations are alike, and you do need to investigate before you join. In addition be sure that your talents are what they need. Every situation is different. Often a disaster destination may have a lot of offers from people with a specific skills and none for crucial help needed right away.

How to Donate

You will find that most islands have overseas consulates who may have specific arrangements with local agencies in your country. It is always wise to get in touch with them for their recommendations. They will often have arrangement with backs for direct deposits.

The international relief organizations, like the Red Cross, are very popular and well respected. They do not however assure you that your funds will get to the actual island you want. It is a universal aid service for all and they choose how it will be spent and where. On the other hand it is often tax deductible and in some cases, like in the UK, the government matches your funds.

Best Practices for Giving

When you are going to work with a donation organisation or a volunteer association, be certain that the aid is sustainable. Remember also that The needs of islands in the wake a hurricane or any catastrophic disaster vary with time. Therefore, it is a good idea to be informed as to what’s happening.

Help Forums

There are several global disaster recovery, relief, response and preparedness forums on the Internet. However, not many are specific to an existing disaster or a specific location. Search for “Dominica Forum” or any destination forum and several tourism holiday websites like TripAdvisor will pop up showing information about places to stay and reviews of hotels. Even a search on Google for forums on a specific island disaster will display many news sites with few real-time interactive disaster recover messaging sites. The issue is that the damaged destination has typically has had a complete systems failure and very often, they can not get onto the Internet.

Disaster Recovery Help Forums

Dominica Recovery – Information Help Website


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