Texas Longhorn Tailgate for OSU Game

PrimeFirst Inspections is excited to invite all our friends and family from across Central Texas to our tailgate for the Univeristy of Texas vs Oklahoma State University football game tomorrow.

We got the smoker fired up this afternoon and the briskets will be going on any time now for that long and slow smokey flavor.

We only have a little over a week left for our home seller’s special for a full home inspection. While buyers definitely get inspections, we are strong proponents of seller inspections so that you can ready your home for the maximum offer.

Longhorns football

We’ll be heading to Houston next weekend for the Houston Cougars so if you’re in the Austin area tomorrow, stop by our tailgate at the Comerica Building at 15th and Guadalupe.

And remember, for a certified home inspection that you can trust in this beautiful city we’re lucky to call home . . . give the professionals at PrimeFirst Inspections a ring. You can visit more about our Austin office here.

For those of you curious about the area that we cover, below is a map of our preferred service area but feel free to call us for a quote and we’ll see if we can’t make it worth your while to have us drive out to you. Thanks from all your friends here.


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