company lawyer salt lake city UT

company lawyer salt lake city UT

Business Law

Bfr u trt a business, lgll, you nd to btin n buin lin or permits ruird b lw. Ding so will idntif your buin, rtt public hlth nd ft nd hl you k trk f your finances fr tx ur. The litin fr n employer identification numbr (EIN) i available at th IRS website; n EIN i ruird fr rrtin, LLC and partnerships, as wll as any l proprietors wh will hire ml. Unl ur mn’ service r rdut i rgultd b a federal gn, u rbbl wn’t need n fdrl lin r rmit. However, things lik ubli transportation, invtmnt advice, or producing drug r firearms, require supervision by a fdrl gn and u will nd special lin. If, fr xml, u will bm invlvd with nvirnmntl rgultin t th fdrl level, you’ll nd t deal with th EPA.

State Buin Lining Laws States lin l in rtin professions, such as lawyers, dtr, nd untnt. Your tt might l require a lin for rtin other buin such brbr or rl estate gnt. Yu huld hk with ur tt to find out if ur business ruir a tt lin r rmit. Slling rtin rdut including alcohol nd lttr tikt might l ruir a tt lin.

salt lake city business law

Yur municipality might ruir a lin r permit for ur buin. Chk with your it r twn t find ut about zning lw to ensure tht u r llwd to conduct business in a particular building lik your home r th trfrnt you rnt. If u r involved in retail l, u will also have to state nd local sales tx. Dnding n ur city, thi uld be dn t th tt lvl or both the it nd tt lvl.

It is not possible fr n ingl entity, inluding ur local law nfrmnt department to knw thm ll. Yt, it i vitl tht u r familiar with t least th mt imrtnt laws that pertain to ur buin. A usual w’r here t hl.

Buin lw fall into certain categories litd blw:

  • Buin frmtin lw – th lw pertain to the structure f the business. For xml a l proprietorship i regulated very differently from a rrtin.
  • Tx lw mri lw rtining to ll txtin iu, whthr it i th filing f rturn or th mnt f sales tax, rrt tx and thr imilr lvi.
  • Emlmnt laws – these gvrn rruitmnt nd rtrnhmnt f employees, wg & workers’ compensation, unemployment bnfit, wrkr’ rights nd rltd iu.
  • Trdmrk nd tnt lw – th lw rtining t wnrhi f intlltul rrt uh invntin, trademarks and tnt.
  • Envirnmntl lw – Cmni nggd in th rling f mtril nd th dihrg of hazardous wt must ml with nvirnmntl rgultin.
  • Consumer rttin laws – th rtt the consumer from frud r unfir buin or advertising practices.

Headache, already? Hr are a fw ti to hl u deal with it.

On iz doesn’t fit ll. W just talked about m f th important lgl tgri undr which u will find rgultin tht affect mt buin. In addition, ifi lw may apply depending n th type f tivit invlvd. If, fr example, u are lling mn tk you will need t dhr to th Suriti Lw, but for a medical rti, there’s an ntirl different t of rul that m int play. Stt laws m l ditt hw ntrt nd lgl documents r t b writtn and enforced.

Strt t th bginning. Jut u rft a business ln in stages, look at th whl lgl puzzle bit b bit. Begin with th laws rtining to the bi f trting a buin. D u need a business lin or a il rmit? Ar u planning to hir ml r will u go it ln? If ur buin ll gd, it will nd t sales tx. Look at each buin aspect carefully t understand which tgr of laws apply to it.

Knw nl wht u need to. If u are in buin by urlf, fr xml, u wn’t need t bother with lw gvrning wrkr nd tff until u are ready t hire additional l. Likewise, if u r in a rvi business, you till wn’t nd to bother yourself with rmvl f hazardous waste.

Ensure mlin. Be unfrid t k utin f ur lgl dvir and d nt um something i legal jut bu it i a common trade rti. Al tlk t the ll Chmbr f Commerce r thr buin wnr to mk sure you r n th right id of th lw.

Mk mnd. Finally, should you find tht u’v ntrvnd a lw withut intnding t, take rmdil measures. Th lw i uit lenient with firt time ffndr – of ur, it also dnd n th ntur f th viltin. Hving t dl with lw nd lgiltin m seem a drg, but there’s n denying thir importance. Taking dut steps t ensure tht you hv t run int thm only much u nd t!

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